I Aware You Different Types of Houses

A house is a dwelling place for people or families. It is where one grows up and eventually leave when they are able to build a house of their own. Modern architecture has built different kinds of houses according to one’s taste, status in life and of course, financial standing.

Common Types of Houses



This type is mainly a one-story house. It can also be referred to as a single-detached house if it is not connected to another house or property. Usually built for the working class, this type is designed to provide affordable houses. This is a great house for families with children since there are no stairs and one can see all the parts in a glance.

Row House

Queen Anne   1869-1861

Situated in rows which are located in the same area and in closed subdivisions. They are built side by side and share the same wall and are usually smaller than bungalows. These are ideal for small families and are priced less.



Unlike the single-detached houses, these are two-fold condominium or apartment which has independent entrances to each dwelling units. A common wall also separates the two units and can accommodate another floor and can house more family members.



This refers to the residence of the upper class with a wider land surrounding the villa. These villas are beautifully and tastefully constructed with a grand architecture. People in the elite class has these types of homes with landscaped gardens and sometimes situated near the sea.



An odd and unusual type of house. These are found in very cold places like Alaska and Canada. It is made of snow; although it may be very cold outside, warmth can be felt inside. The architects of igloos must have thought of how to include the plumbing services in Toronto with this simply-made house. They are sometimes used as resting or dwelling places when hunting.


Paradise Valley Mansion

This is described as a very large house with several bedrooms, bathrooms, entertainment rooms and even ballrooms. Situated in a vast area of land, they are more craftier than the villas. They are also more grandeur, brilliantly adorned, with art pieces hanging on walls and housing the noble rich. They can also be called a small palace. This is the type of house that celebs like Katy Perry, Jay Z, Jennifer Anniston and other A-list celbs opt for.


Whether you live in a small and simple bungalow or in a majestic mansion, it will only make a difference in the people living in it. As the saying goes, home is where the heart is.

Architecture Around the World

Ancient pyramids. A long winding road in China. A mausoleum built for a dead wife. A Roman amphitheater considered the largest in the world. A temple dedicated to a goddess. A garden complex enclosing an Asian temple. These are some of the great architectural works which are favorite destinations of tourists around the world. Architecture is all around us; from the complicated building structure to the simple way of how a house is built; and to keep them tidy and clean, a maid services can do the job for you.


Ancient Architecture


The world famous pyramids of Egypt still leave people in awe. How these monuments were built by the early Egyptians without the use of machines and modern equipments. How the heavy stones were lifted and erected to its completion by bare hands. Early architects must be very intelligent and creative to think of how to do these things which are now being admired by millions up to this day.


Asian Architecture

great wall of china 150741

When talking about Asia, the one that comes to mind is the Great Wall of China. It is a series of barricades mainly made of stone, brick, wood and other materials available to make the fortress solid and secure.

Another distinguished structure is the Kinkaku-ji in Japan which is a pavilion converted to a temple. Although this was burned down, it was rebuilt to almost the original design in gold-leaf coating. This is also considered a classic in the Japanese garden design.

One more renowned architecture in Asia is the Taj Mahal which is a white marble mausoleum built by an emperor in memory of his wife. It was completed after twenty years employing thousands of people, mostly craftsmen and artisans.


European Architecture


There are lots of noted great designs in Europe and one of them is Italy’s Colosseum built of concrete and stone and is the largest amphitheater in the world. It is also included among the 7 Wonders of the World. Another is the Greek Parthenon which is the most important surviving construction in Classical Greece. It is a temple dedicated to the maiden goddess Athena and considered one of the world’s immense cultural monuments.

These architectural works and designs play an important role in construction of a building or even a house. It should be according to one’s style and taste. Whether it’s several floors high or a bungalow, the owner and architect must agree on how they want it built to make it last a long time.

How to Improve the Value of your House


In addition to being a place where the home owner can stay or rent out, a home is also an asset which can be used as a collateral while taking a loan or evaluating the net worth of an individual. The value of a house is assessed by a professional home evaluation service or realtor after conducting an inspection of the house. The value of a home depends on various factors such as location, size of the home, quality of construction, amenities available, design, layout. While some of these factors like location cannot be changed , other aspects may be upgraded as a small price to increase the value of the house. Some of these tips on how to improve the value of the house are explained in great detail below.

Painting the house: over time, the paint in the house peels off and fades, due to wear and tear and harsh environmental conditions like heavy rain or snow. Repainting the house will make the house look like new. Using light pastel colors can make the rooms look bigger. The services of a professional painter may be hired, or if the home owner has the relevant skills, he may paint the house himself.

Due to vibrations or water leakage, cracks may develop in the walls and beams of the house, which may result in structural damage if left unattended. It is advisable to fill the cracks in the walls before they enlarge and cause further damage. These cracks should be filled, before repainting the house.

The furniture and fixtures often break or fall off due to rough handling and poor quality of material used. These fixtures, especially door knobs can be replaced by better quality fixtures at a low cost.

The faucets, taps become leaky and do not close properly due to use. Replace the gaskets and in some cases, the entire faucet/tap depending on its condition, to make the house look new. In the bathroom, the tiles may become loose or develop cracks. Replace the broken tiles and fill the cracks with cement.

Doors at the entrance to the house greet the visitor to the house. The wooden doors and furniture may have scratches and stains due to careless handling. Depending on the condition of the door and the budget available, it may be advisable to polish the door, cover the door with a suitable door-skin or replace the door with a new door.

The flooring may have stains due to spills and become misaligned due to rains and ground water. If possible, the flooring can be replaced by more expensive flooring like marble or granite flooring. If sufficient funds are not available, the flooring can be polished or covered with woolen, carpet or jute flooring.

How to Keep Your Yard Looking Fresh This Fall

While the lawn-care professionals probably want you to think that maintaining your yard is a little difficult, this is not always the case. In fact , maintaining the beauty of your lawn is a lot easier as all you need is to do a few things right .


If you own a lawn, you need to be well prepared for this cold and windy and windy part of the year so that your yard not only remains fresh and beautiful but is also ready before winter comes. Follow these simple tips to keep your lawn looking fresh in fall.



1. Fertilize your lawn once

Repeatedly fertilizing your yard will mean that the soil has lots of fertilizer which will in turn encourage rapid growth of grass, making the plants very vulnerable to both disease and insects. Fertilize your yard once in fall.


2. Avoid applying pesticides or insecticides

While they may seem a good solution when your lawn is infested with pests, chemicals like fungicides, insecticides and pesticides can kill essential living things (the good microbes and earthworms that aerate soil naturally) that keep soil richer. The best thing is to keep away fungi and insects from your yard by using proper spacing when planting, controlling growth of the grass through mowing, using fertilizers at the right time and so on.


3. Aerate your lawn

Grass roots not only need water and nutrients but they also need oxygen supply. This is why it is important to aerate a lawn in fall (there are often lesser weed seeds to germinate in any spaces created during summer). Aerating involves the removal of small soil plugs and it has multiple benefits including allowing deeper penetration of water and fertilizer into the soil and reducing soil compaction.

The best tool to use for the process is a gas-powered aerator which can be purchased or rented.It is often advisable to aerate first and then apply weed killers so that all the open holes are protected against possible growth of weeds.


4. Mow at highest settings

Tall grass is often healthier because it shades out any weed seeds, in turn preventing them from sprouting. In addition, it keeps the soil cooler and encourages proliferation of microbes and other important living things in your soil (these microbes convert nutrients into a form the grass plants can use.). The result is increased spread of grass into bare spots.


5. Water and feed your Grass

Providing adequate moisture and nutrients to the grass is important especially during long periods of heat and dryness. Be sure to water your lawn periodically in fall so that the grass can stay green and beautiful.


Maintaining your lawn will not only help you have a more attractive yard but can save you time and money as well as effort. Simply follow these easy tips to keep your lawn looking great throughout fall.

Different Ways To Come Up With Down Payment For Your House

Making a down payment for a home is not easy. Accumulating enough cash for a 20% or even 3.5% of the home purchase price is a nightmare to many people. Having very creative strategies and individual discipline can help you have enough cash to meet the down payment required when purchasing a house.


Below are some of the ways you can manage to raise the required down payment.



Establish a Savings Plan

Knowing the amount of money you earn, save and spend per month is very important. This is known as personal budget analysis. With this in place you can work on reducing your expenses. The amount saved can be transferred strictly and regularly to a savings account you have set up for home buying.


Earn Some Cash on The Side

You can work some side jobs to increase your income towards the purchase of the home. Side jobs may vary from person to person. The great advancement of Information Technology has enabled persons to work at home for example rendering their services to others. Websites like ODEsk.com offer these opportunities. The income earned here can really boost your savings therefore allowing you raise enough money for the down payment.



Use Retirement Account

First time home buyers can withdraw up to $10000 from the IRA account. This does not incur the 10% penalty tax for early withdrawals. You can also borrow against your retirement funds. It usually attracts a small interest.


Dispose of Some Assets

Sell of some securities you own. Consult your investment banker to ensure you lose no money in the disposal of the securities. You can also sell the second car you own and use the cash raised to make the down payment.


Line Of Credit

You can take a line of credit from your bank in the form of a personal loan. If loan is approved, deposit the full amount in your savings account. This ensures the amount is eligible for use in the down payment after two months.


Investment Partner

Look for an investment partner who will fund part or the entire amount for down payment in cash. Agree on an equity sharing partnership. You will make the monthly payments. In the eventual resale of the house you can split the profits.



Trust Funds

You can also make a down payment from money received through trust fund disbursement. Some foreclosure properties require little or no down payment. Some lenders will allow you to buy such properties if your credit is good.


Offer Your Services

You can offer your services or expertise to the seller of the home in lieu of the down payment. You can agree to have say $5000 worth of car services if you are a mechanic or legal services if you are a lawyer.

A List of Must Visit Architectural Blogs

Are you an architect or a designer and looking for top architecture blogs to follow? Sharp and well-written architectural blogs are worth reading as they enlighten the visitors about planning, architectural designs, various landscape issues and their solutions etc. Let us have a quick look at some of the top architecture blogs to follow.




The blog was founded by Geoff Manaugh who is an author, an essayist, and an aspiring novelist. Information rich content of this site attracts a huge organic traffic and the site deals with landscape issue and planning of residential and commercial units.



A blog run by Christoph Wassmann, a resident of Vienna, Austria, gets a huge number of recurring visitors as it is filled with the latest happening in the architectural industry, opinions and links. It is a must-read blog for all those who want to remain updated on the latest happenings in the real estate industry.


A Daily Dose of Architecture

Founded by a student of architecture, John Hill, it is a highly profitable blog. The blog is well-known for containing day-to-day architectural musings from Midwest American. The blog is simply awesome because of its fantastically content and worth visiting by designers and architects.



It was in 2006 when the dezeen launched this blog. Initially it was designed to bring a huge selection of the finest buildings, their designs and also the interior projects from all across the world. Today, dezeen.com is one of the most hottest and talked about blog. It fetches two-million visitors per month.


City of Sound

This popular architectural blog was founded by Dan Hill. The blog aims at the themes of design, cities, media and architecture. But the main focus of the blog is on designing.


Interactive Architecture

This is a superb blog by Ruairi Glynn. Those who are interested in interactive architecture must visit this blog. The blog endeavors to bring, the semi-permanent installations and interactive spaces to the fore so that the general public can read it.



This blog by Alexander Trevi is liked by the public at large. Owing to his aesthetic knowledge, good sense of humor and an acumen to record the problems faced by the environment, the blog is one of the best reads.


Domestic Space

The blog is written for the architects by the experts in the architectural industry. The blog is worth visiting due to its information rich content and the awesome designs of cutting edge residential and commercial units.

6 Most Interesting Buildings All Around The World

Today’s great architectural feats and skyscrapers are audaciously pristine and sculptural. Some are bold others are built in cutting-edge designs that reflect the culture and era in which they are built.


Take a look at these 6 most interesting buildings all around the world. Be inspired and attracted of its architectural details and physical structures that has becomes a functional and central part of numerous people for many years after these famous buildings were built.


Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Center in Iceland

This captivating structure in Reykjavik, Iceland was constructed through the collaboration of architecture firms Batterriio and Henning Larsen and artist Olafur Eliasson as well. It is built in asymmetrical structure and clad with LED-illuminated bricks made of glass and steel. Thus, every evening Icelanders and tourists enjoy the dazzling show of northern lights beaming from the structure that manifest the force of re-energizing cultures and activating cities.


Sydney Opera House

This most iconic architectural feat in Australia was built during the 20th century. It was architecturally designed by Jorn Utzon who won the international competition at Bennelong Point, Sydney for a national opera house. The Opera House accommodates a restaurant and two performance halls. Since it was widely regarded as a masterpiece of contemporary architecture, this beautiful building becomes an architectural icon of the Australian nation and the city of Sydney.


Schonbrunn Palace

This palace is located in Vienna, Austria, more or less 4 miles away from the center of Vienna which may be reached easily by riding a tram. This is known to be the summer residence of Hapsburg with more than 1400 rooms; however, only 40 rooms are open to the public. Schonbrunn best describes the way of living of royalties way back in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. The exterior is built in baroque architecture while rococco design is apparent in the interior. In 1996, Schonbrunn Palace and Gardens was considered as a UNESCO World Heritage site.


Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia was once a church, which became a mosque in the later years. Presently, it was transformed into a museum and is a perfect model of the Byzantine architecture. The building was first constructed during the time of Emperor Constantine the Great , but due to earthquakes and riots it endured many repairs and rebuilding ever since. Indeed, Hagia Sophia is still recognized all over the world as one of the great structures in the world.


Guggenheim Museum

This most admired contemporary work was uniquely created by Frank Gehry, a Canadian –American architect. It was opened in 1997and was widely known to be one of the most interesting buildings in the 20th century. For decades now, the museum showcases exhibitions and welcomes over 10 million visitors.


Flatiron Building

This well-known skyline of New York built way back in 1902, was designed by Daniel Burnham, a Chicago architect. It stands in a distinguished triangular shape at the intersection space of Broadway and Fifth Avenue. Though, not one of the tallest skylines of New York, it remains to be one of the most memorable and inspiring building for architects and artists.